Whats New at The Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange

The Human Side of Insight & Analytics

At the 2018 Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange, we address the various human challenges around your data and insight strategy. Whilst we'll still be touching on the latest evolutions in data and cognitive technology and will be exploring how GDPR will effect your Customer Insight function, the majority of conversations will explore those very real human challenges specific to Insight & Analytics Leaders. 

  • Discover How To Build And Retain The Right Insight & Analytics Team
  • Explore How You Can Achieve Organisational Buy-In To Grow Your Analytical Footprint Within The Organisation
  • Using Insights and Analytics To Achieve Employee Engagement and Create a more Data-Driven Culture
  • Making your Data Relevant and Visual to the Whole Organisation Through an approach to Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling Breakfast Briefing

Data Storytelling is one of the hottest concerns and areas in the analytics and insight community today. Making your data relevant for the rest of your organisation and crafting a narrative through it is increasingly a top challenge for insight & analytics gurus. This year at the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange we shine a spotlight on data storytelling through this interactive breakfast workshop and a number of great case studies. 

Discover new strategies, methodologies and techniques to craft compelling stories through your insights and data to deliver meaningful and effective change across the organisation and help better inform your decision making processes.

100% New Speaker Faculty

Here at the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange, we love a fresh perspective on things. This year we're thrilled to welcome a 100% completely new speaker faculty, with leading minds from some of Europe's top brands! Including:

  • Telefonica exploring their journey to cognitive customer engagement
  • Merlin Entertainment's sharing their data storytelling methodologies
  • Aviva and their work to achieve long-term customer engagement through Insights & Analytics
  • TES Global examining how to make customer data relevant for all levels of your organisation
  • Sky investigating how data can inform your decision making processes
  • And Many More

What do data scientists look for in a job?

Attracting and retaining staff with the right skill sets has always proved to be a challenge in the space. Finding employees with the right skill sets can prove difficult, and once you do find them, the challenge becomes retaining the staff when they are so sought after. And if finding a data scientist or analyst wasn't hard enough, finding someone with that commercial accumen who can understand the operational objectives and aims of the business, is increasingly hard to come by.

In this Interactive Q&A Think Tank, The Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange brings together seasoned data professionals, along with some fresh master graduates, to examine exactly what they value in a role. Exploring the right ways to frame a role, the right skills and competencies to search for and the right ways to begin your search, this session is the perfect interactive environment to give you the tools needed to create the data team your strategy deserves.

To discover what else is new at this year's Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange - click here to download the agenda or please get in touch and we can set up a call to discuss further