INVESTMENT REPORT 2017: Customer Insight & Analytics Solutions & Services

Forget everything you know about customer insight and analytics strategies! In this research based report Europe’s top customer executives share the challenges and biggest investment priorities shaping their 2017 strategies in this definitive guide into customer insight and analytics budget assignment.

The 2017 Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange Post Event Report

In January 2017, the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange connected 60+ customer insight, analytics and data leaders with a selection of the most innovative solutions and services providers in this sector to find solutions to their biggest challenges. The Post Event Report provides an indepth analysis of the attendees, the central themes that arose from discussing the challenges keeping customer insight and analytics executives awake at night, and the industry trends driving high levels of investment across the broad technology and service provider landscape, featuring exclusive interviews, presentations, stats and much more. 

Future Trends Report: Customer Insight and Analytics

With the rise of new technologies and the proliferation of data being collected, organisations across Europe now face very new challenges surrounding their customer insight and analytics strategy. With the advent of this new understanding of Big Data, and in the face of changing customer behaviours and expectations, organisations are having to rethink their company culture and organisational change in the face of this fast moving landscape in a bid to remain competitive.
Are you ready for the future of customer insight and analytics?


Exclusive Presentation: Vince Darley, Chief Scientist, King

More than 17 years’ experience in data science, Vince oversees a team working on all aspects of analytics and business intelligence.A finalist of the Digital Master Awards in Business Intelligence & Data, with over 190 million monthly players and more than 26 billion game plays, they have 2 Petabytes of player data. In this session Vince Darley explores how King has dealt with the fast and unprecedented growth of their organisation, and scaled their data capabilities accordingly. Exploring a binocular view of science and art, predictive analytics and focussing on your real customers – Vince explores the experiments King has run through their customer insight, and assesses what has worked and what hasn’t for the largest data cluster in the world. 


Future Trends Report 2018 : Customer Insight and Analytics

In this report, we speak with expert data & insight leaders making changes for their organisation to learn what they believe the future of customer insight will bring. Discover the future trends that insight and analytics professionals are preparing their organisation for and find out the impact these trends might have on your data strategy and your customer’s experience. The rise of personalisation, real-time analytics, more granular location mapping, the Internet of Things – The future for insight looks bright.

Customer Insight and Analytics Top 10 Investment Priorities for 2018

Ahead of the Customer Insight and Anlaytics Exchange we have gathered a Top 10 Investment Priorities inforgraphic which was compiled with the help of senior Customer Insight & Data Analytics decision-makers from across industry who completed a questionnaire with a member of our team to uncover their top challenges and investment priorities for 2018.